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Ethernity Enters The Sandbox Metaverse and Brings Their Top-tier Licenses Along

Fans of The Sandbox metaverse has a new reason to rejoice! The Sandbox has partnered with the NFT project, Ethernity to bring its top-tier licenses to the metaverse. This means Eternity’s unique experiences, rare collectibles, and avatar wearables are now up for grabs in The Sandbox. In other words, players will have a chance to own licensed apparel from some of the biggest stars in the world. This includes players, entertainers, brands, teams, leagues, and much more.

“Ethernity is excited to announce a one of a kind strategic partnership with one of the blockchain gaming and metaverse industry’s leading projects, The Sandbox,” Ethernity wrote in a blog post.

Ethernity x The Sandbox: All you need to know

As part of the partnership, Ethernity has bought a center stage ESTATE in The Sandbox. Here, Ethernity will set up a gallery as well as a fully-licensed NFT store. Players can purchase voxelated Ethernity metaverse wearables and collectibles from the store and use them within The Sandbox metaverse.

“Activations begin with NFT wearables from star quarterback Dak Prescott and running back Ezekiel Elliott,” the post added. Basically, players will get to adorn their avatars in jerseys and other custom wearable gear. Besides, they will be able to boost their avatars’ skills and attain additional powers through the wearables.

In the future, players could even dress up their avatars in wearables from the world’s greatest soccer players, including Pelé and Luis Suárez. What’s more, they could compete in tournaments or even use their fully licensed DeLorean to drive to augmented reality modelled rocket and satellite from the U.S. Space Force.

As Ethernity noted, “This is only a teaser of what is to come! The possibilities are endless.”

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