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Decentraland Adds ‘My Store’ Function to Marketplace

Introducing ‘My Store,’ the latest addition to the ever-expanding marketplace of Decentraland. The new marketplace section marks the first of many empowering features expected to be launched on the virtual real estate realm throughout 2022.

My Store provides Decentraland enthusiasts with an array of user-friendly, intuitive improvements that aid in the management of their assets, activity, progress, and personal brand. The section improves users’ ability to manage their assets through creating clear and concise categories for each type of asset, where users can pinpoint assets more swiftly due to their assignment into one of the following types: Wearable Collections created over time, owned LAND (parcels and estates), Wearables in your backpack, and Names minted and bought.

Buyers and sellers can holistically analyze the data on assets they’ve listed for sale, royalties, earnings (on both Ethereum and Polygon networks) and bidding history. The new addition also provides a transparent and intricate picture of their track record, further allowing them to identify particular trends and conclusively make more informed decisions.

Users can now entice collectors with snippets of their work via their customizable store cover picture, write compelling bios to efficiently relay their ethos and values, and provide external links to their social networks to communicate their message even further.

With My Store now in their analytical arsenal, it’s time for users to showcase their virtual landscaping talents and take the Decentraland metaverse to a place it has never seen before!

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