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Stay Frosty in Cryptovoxels with the XoB Winter Festival

Virtual world construction outfit, XoB (Box), is on a mission to get 2022 off to a roaring start. Plying its trade in the mighty Cryptovoxels, it’s setting the scene for “Stay Frosty 2022,” a snowy season festival in the metaverse.

What’s in store is a veritable wonderland of entertainment, all set around the kind of custom snowscape that dreams are made of. And as such, guests will find a fabulous ski slope with its own “HODLIFT,” textured mountain scenery, and a bespoke wooden lodge with a majestic log fire.

The two-day snow-themed festival will take place on January 7th and 8th, featuring a whole host of merriment inducing activities. Guests can gaze upon the wondrous works from over 25 different high calibre artists, in addition to whiling away the evenings with an array of in-world games and enjoying the hypnotic tones of some incredible live music.

If that wasn’t enough, partygoers can also get their hands on some exclusive NFTs and partake in amazing giveaways, in addition to showing off their finest winter wearables. So, for the first wild night out in the metaverse of 2022, Stay Frosty 2022 is where the fun is at.

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