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The SandBox, Brinc cooperate to launch $50M Open metaverse Accelerator project

The Sandbox metaverse and universal investment Accelerator, Brinc has cooperated to reveal The SandBox metaverse accelerator program. The Sandbox has allocated $50 million to Brinc for the program, which will provide 100 startups for open metaverse development. The initial group will begin in the second quarter of 2022.
“The SandBox’s metaverse Accelerator is a main extension of our developing commitment to back the upcoming generation of metaverse entrepreneurs,” stated Sebastian Burgett, co-founder of The Sandbox. Startups from all over the world with imagination, ideas and hard work can realize their visions and create social impact by creating more opportunities for everyone. “We are especially glad to back understated founders who are in their ambitions.”

Each year, The Sandbox Metaverse Accelerator program will back 30-40 startups over a three-year stage. In particular, the program aims startups which can boost open metaverse. Basically, an open metaverse is based on shared values and has an open, transparent, and decentralized governance.

“The Open metaverse will not belong to any single entity and therefore offers an extraordinary opportunity to create a communal and cooperative nonzero-sum environment centered on openness, equity, user sovereignty and digital property rights,” mentioned Ya Siu, executive chairman and one of the co-founders of Animoka brands.

The main goal of The Sandbox Metaverse Accelerator program is to back startups which can help in the advancement and development of The Sandbox ecosystem. Therefore, the program value each startup centered on “traction, technical expertise, and ability to provide exclusive experiences.”

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