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Ape DAO votes to liquidate, meaning 81 Bored Apes & Mutants can be sold

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Ape DAO is presently voting on the liquidating of all its assets. If approved, 81 Bored Apes and Mutant can be sold. The DAO has CryptoPunk, Chromic Squiggles, CyberKongz, and different other NFTs with blue chips as well. Now, 86.5% of DAO members have voted to liquidate their assets.
Ape DAO is a decentralized NFT Autonomous Organization run by NFT collector Kylo.eth. Mainly, they split different NFTs into 1,000,000 APED tokens in June 2021. The APED tokens, sold in just four days, show DAO voting rights as well.

From August, BAYC has moved from a 20E floor to a 100E floor. Twitter user Montana Wong wrote: 5 times growth in price. Meanwhile, the $APED price has dropped from $10 to raise $8.
Wong stated that normally, different APED holders were not happy by the price difference. Worst of all, the speed of DAO development did not live up to the expectations of token holders. Next, the previous night, a member of the association proposed the liquidated Ape DAO’s assets and the distribution of ETH revenue to each token holder. Offer is now active.

Nevertheless, almost all vote alone may not be adequate to liquidate the asset. The DAO’s treasury is closed by a multi-sig wallet with four signers. This means, all four signers must agree to continue the liquidate. Until now, as one of the signers has voted to liquidation, the others have not yet voted.

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