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Cannabis company purchases the Sandbox plot next to Snoop Dogg

The current month, medicinal cannabis maker Creso Pharma has officially accessed NFTs through The SandBox. Known for its range of hemp-derived products, the company has bought a plot of land in Sandbox and become Snoop Dogg’s newest virtual neighbor.
Creso Pharma is a worldwide creator in medicinal cannabis industry. Its products have medicine, lifestyle and food – and presently, the company is ready to take them to the virtual world as well.

As an initial step, Creso Pharma bought a plot of land in The Sandbox right next to Snoop Dogg, one of NFT’s most famous collectors. Hence, the rapper Snoop Dogg tweeted inviting the company to become his virtual neighbor in the metaverse.

In deed, this is not surprising, given that Snoop Dogg is one of the main supporters of cannabis in real (and virtual) life. As a result, Creso Pharma partnered with the consultancy firm Collective Campus to release its products in metaverse starting the current month.

To start with, Creso Pharma will create a digital copy of its 24,000-square-foot medical Cannabis Cultivation Center, Mernova, in the Sandbox. There, users can find, socialize and explore a wide range of Creso Pharma products.

Actually, visitors can enter the center and discover the process of growing Cannabis plants from the beginning. In the end, this place will bring creative experiences and other digital products to its customers.

Amazingly, Creso Pharma is the initial cannabis company on the ASX list to join The SandBox. However, CEO William Lay says that the way to metaverse was difficult:

“It requires a significant amount of hard work, planning and strategy, and highlights the company’s creative approach to leading marketing and sales across new, borderless channels,” he stated. “We expect this release to enable the introduction of Creso Pharma’s brands and products to a wide range of new consumers and potential investors using the metaverse.”

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