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Metaverse Explorer: Exploring the Meta Lite Bar in Decentraland

If you enjoy drinking beer, playing games and a dive bar atmosphere, I got the perfect spot for you. Miller Lite, one of the largest beer brands in the nation, opened up a bar on TerraZero’s land located here. The scene reminds me of my favorite dive bar down the street. The scene features a rundown brick exterior, graffiti art, arcade games and a bouncer. The complex has a uniquely charming and brutish swagger I am excited to explore more in this article.

The exterior of the building is a run-down brick overlay with familiar bar-themed details. Miller Lite neon signs occupy its windows and a large “Meta Lite” sign extends atop its roof. The bar has a large extended billboard at the entrance, which displays events going on at the bar.

There are 21+ posters scattered around the exterior and a cute newsstand cuddled around a corner near the entrance. There are boxes, garbage bins, backdoors and windows dispersed around the outside. There are a few graffitied-up walls including a large devil, a MIller Lite kettle and traditional graffiti names.

The entrance of the bar is guarded by a bouncer. He looks tough, but he has a soft side. His dialog tells the patrons how interested he is in poetry and tells the bar-goer “don’t be fooled by my big muscles. I have an even bigger heart”.

The inside of the bar is exactly what one would imagine. It is a dimly lit room with Miller Lite chandeliers, neon-lit wall signs, ceiling rainbow lights and large TVs. A  bartender is there to greet bar-goers at the door. The bartender is useless, so feel free to jump over the bar and pour yourself a cold-one at the tap.

There is a large and lit-up fridge of Miller Lite to the right of the entrance-way. Open up the fridge for a free Miller Lite your avatar can enjoy as it explores the area. Press E in 1st person view mode to drink the beer. The Poap machine is to the right of the beer fridge. The Poap will go live on 2/13. To the left of the entrance is a Miller Lite backdrop including a large Miller Lite can. The spot is perfect to snap a pic of your avatar.

Along the left-side wall adjacent to the backdrop are arcade games. The machines are interactive and playable. The bull-riding station is interactive, but be careful, don’t drink and ride. The pool tables, darts, drum set and jukebox are all interactive.

The bathroom reminds me of every dive-bar bathroom I have ever been in. The faucet is interactive so be sure to wash your hands. Be cautious not to miss the basement. Click on the door towards the back and a UFO sound will occur with a light beaming you downstairs. The basement is a large and open space containing a gigantic screen with a rotating Miller Lite logo and the date 02.13.22.

As far as interactivity goes, this is the best build I have covered with my time at NFT Plazas. Almost all the elements have a play component, which keeps it interesting. There is a ton to explore, not because the scene is gigantic, but because there is so much to do. Hopefully the Meta Lite Bar is here to stay and it continues to evolve as a staple location in Decentraland.

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