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NFT Worlds Transforms Minecraft into a Web3 Metaverse

Microsoft owned open world goliath, Minecraft, just got a whole lot more interesting, bringing a spot of Web3 into the mix. Thanks to the privately developed NFT Worlds mod, fans can access a whole legion of NFT features.

This fantastic new update runs on third party servers with a Polygon overlay, providing a highly efficient platform with close to nothing gas fees. As a result, effectively turning Minecraft into a metaverse with the stones to compete with Decentraland and The Sandbox.

Due to this amazing new revelation, gamers can now own huge plots of land, trade items and engage in a play-to-earn adventure, all backed up by the $WRLD native token, used to provide utility within the NFT Worlds ecosystem.

The project is the brainchild of developers Arkdev and Temptranquil, both of which share no affiliation with Minecraft Owner, Microsoft. However, due to the open-sourced nature of the platform they can build out their project on top of it and capitalize on the success of the hugely popular Minecraft gaming franchise.

Still in its infancy, NFT Worlds managed to rake in 26k of gaming hours in just its first three days of operations, while the NFT Worlds real estate currently boasts a healthy floor price of 13 ETH ($36k).

Would you like to enter the world of NFT?

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