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Spiderman joins the Marvel Mightys NFT series on VeVe

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Marvel Mightys is back again for its fifth collection on VeVe Digital Collectibles App, and now Spiderman will be in the center of the stage. This series includes the attractive Spider-Man, some of his best friends and his oldest enemy.

Marvel Mightys is a recent line of Super-D figures which raises a new spin to some of Marvel’s most well-known Super Heroes. The series created its special launch on the app August 2021 on the show with Captain America. After that, Marvel Entertainment has been continuously announcing officially licensed NFT digital collectibles on VeVe.

In deed, Peter Parker, the genius of science, is the pioneer in the role of Spider-Man above all. Armed with spider powers, the costumed hero of the innocents lives by his beliefs. “With great power must come great responsibility as well”. Marvel and VeVe App revealed the 14999 versions of this NFT for $13.00. Each just like the previous versions

Gwen Stacy is part of this line-up as well. She is shown as the popular creeping wall on Earth -65, an another world in which she is attacked by the hateful radioactive scorpion instead of Peter Parker. Its amount, price and rarity are similar to the Spiderman NFTs.

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