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GOOFEEZ — Wen, Why and What?

GOOFEEZ BannerI know they sound cute… but lets break it down.The Goofs have lived their lives in peace for many years thanks to The Holo Ones; A family council that decides on all important matters in order to maintain the nation’s balance. Throughout their time running Yurblegurb, The Holo Ones have fusioned together their intelligence and technological advancements to protect the Goofs, and have since evolved into higher beings with the ability to foreshadow the future. For the first time in history, they have envisioned a war.Due to their complacency, they disbanded their army many years ago leaving them defenceless and left with no choice but to rebuild a new, stronger, more feared army than ever before… The GOOFEEZ… Using their newly developed ‘PAWpads’, a matter manipulator, they generated what they hoped to be their most powerful army yet. Unfortunately, the PAWpads didn’t quite work as well as they had hoped and out of their 10,000 planned creations only 5731 GOOFEEZ were created. Without knowing the amount of time that they truly have, The Holos went back to work to fix their calculations.One of the 10 ‘Holo Ones’Alright, so let’s break this down a little.I am NFT_Spooked, The founder behind GOOFEEZ and the Community Lead. I’m a busy guy, I have my own clothing line, I teach Video Game development and I come from a background of running my own Games Design Studio. I currently work full time as a Producer on unannounced triple A projects and found myself falling in love with WEB3… so here we are!After finding out what NFT’s are I saw how much potential there was in making a project. Building a real community, building a story, creating a game based on this world so many people have fallen in love with, the opportunities are ENDLESS.I found myself grinding for White List spots and it really affected my life. I realised how much time I spent building other peoples communities and getting nothing from it when my time could be spent building my own community without forcing people into spending HOURS every single day just spamming in discord to earn your place there.Our team has genuine interest to be here, a reason to stick around and an end goal that’s not really an end but more of a true beginning. We have so much to show and give and we hope you can join our community and follow our progress at such an early stage. We’re not giving much away now, but we will not disappoint!They’re SO cuteForever.For real though we don’t just stop at GOOFEEZ. This project is the start of a whole world that we are building in the background and we have no reason to rush it and no reason to grow at an uncontrollable rate. You’ll see us around and you’ll see us grow, but as for WEN? We recommend you follow our socials and keep an eye out for any openings for our closed discord. We didn’t want a discord full of bots, we want genuine interest and interaction, hence why it’s closed!We hope to see you around. This is just our intro, but we will be back for more very soon and we hope to see you around.Thank you all.Discord Banner

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