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Gary Vaynerchuk Drops Info on Upcoming VeeFriends Series 2 Launch

Fans of crudely drawn collectibles have reason to rejoice, all-new VeeFriends NFTs are on the way. Project creator, Gary Vaynerchuk, has revealed details of the much-anticipated Series 2 collection of the rudimentary artworks.

Sometime next month, the blockchain will celebrate the arrival of 55,555 brand new VeeFriends collectibles. Each NFT will sport a familiar character from the original outing, reworked and reimagined with marginally improved graphics. What’s more, each of the upgraded assets will represent a genuine, one-of-one, provably unique collectors’ item.

Of Series 2, team Vee has reserved 10,255 items for owners of the original collection. As a result, holders will have the opportunity to claim a free (plus gas) version of their original card. All be it, with improved rendering, updated graphics, new backgrounds, and a fine set of poses.

A further 32k items will become available through the “friends list” initiative, in addition to 10k arriving via a public sale, while the remaining 3,300 items will introduce 15 all-new, genre defying, VeeFriends characters. As such, details of how to obtain these coveted assets will reveal themselves closer to the launch.

Once up and running, a claim checker will adorn the VeeFriends website to validate the status of Series 1 items. In addition, owners will have until December 31, 2022 to claim their NFTs. Otherwise, they will be consigned to the infinite VeeFriends void.

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