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Adobe’s Behance Introduces Solana and Phantom Integration

Computer software giant, Adobe, is continuing its goal of integrating blockchain tech with its applications. This time around, adding Solana connectivity to Behance, its social media suite for showcasing creative content.

Following the latest update, users can now connect a Phantom wallet to Behance and upload Solana NFTs to their profiles. The new update provides creators a chance to begin interacting with the burgeoning technology while also enabling them to do so in an efficient, eco-friendly way.

Behance’s system already allows users to add Ethereum-based non-fungible tokens to its platform. However, rising concerns over the ecological impact, as well as the high transaction costs have caused many users to stay clear. So, with the new Solana support, these fears are no longer an issue.

In addition to this new functionality, Adobe will also roll out its content credentials tool to encompass Solana NFTs. A project they developed to counteract the growing problem of NFT fraud. As a result, users will have an additional level of authentication to protect their work from illicit traders.

To make this all possible, Adobe has partnered up with Miami-based Web3 infrastructure specialist, Quicknode. A company with vast experience in building out and deploying blockchain-based projects, making it perfectly poised to aid Adobe in its NFT enterprises.

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