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Hunter Becomes Prey as Hacker Targeted in Audacious NFT Retrieval Mission

Cheers reverberated through the blockchain as World of Solana (WOS) turned on a hapless hacker to ensure their swift comeuppance, taking ingenious measures to turn the tables on one of the industry’s most unwelcome of inhabitants.

Earlier in the month, tragedy struck UnchainedNFT as bad actors infiltrated the project Discord and made off with a number of prized assets. All in all, the fiendish parasites alleviated members of over 150 $SOL ($6,200) and 25 WOS NFTs. Three of which, represented the highest tier in the World of Solana collection.

Following the cowardly heist, World of Solana decided to get creative. Hitting up their dev partner, Cyber Frogs, they devised a cunning plan to retrieve the waylaid NFTs and secretly raise the royalty fee for the stolen collectibles to 98%. Then, lay in wait in the Magic Eden undergrowth for the items to show up.

True enough, the mark reared its ugly head in the dead of night, and listed all 25 NFTs for sale. Then, the watchful eye of the WOS community alerted their elders, and they snagged 15 of the renegade items, while a sniper managed to make away with the remaining 10. Demonstrating themselves to be a good sort however, all 25 NFTs were swiftly returned to their rightful owner. All the while, the luckless criminal was left to ponder what the hell had just happened.

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