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Street Fighter Returns to WAX with Classic NFT Collection

The Street Fighter franchise’s third NFT collection ‘Street Fighter Classic,’ is coming back with another special launch on WAX. The collection is the franchise’s most illustrious set of NFTs to date, featuring an array of stunning, old-school-designed retro cards which transport fans back to the birth of Ryu’s powers.

The ultra-rare collection will drop on the carbon neutral blockchain on January 20th. The series will feature a limited amount of 1,000 packs, with each pack including a random selection of 10 cards. The packs will each cost the equivalent of $100 in $WAXP, meaning those interested in making a purchase must own a WAXCloud Wallet holding the sufficient funds.

Across the 1,000 packs there will be a total of 121 unique trading cards which come in eight action-packed rarities. Collectors will have the following chances of receiving each type: Common A: 32%, Common B: 26.6%, Uncommon: 17.1%, Rare A: 10.8%, Rare B: 8.64%, Epic A: 2.4%, Epic B: 1.8% and Legendary: 0.36%.

Those who collect all cards of any rarity before February 15th will have completed the ‘Collector’s Challenge’, where they will receive an additional pack containing one of eleven beautifully designed bonus cards which are of the highest scarcity.

Users who are not looking to spend $100 on a Street Fighter Classic pack can visit WAX’s NFT marketplace, AtomicHub, where they can browse several more affordable options from the franchise’s first and second NFT drops. Street Fighter cards listed on AtomicHub, which feature fan-favourite characters such as Ryu, Akuma, Chun-Li and more, can usually be picked up for under $5.

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