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Hennessy Launch Burnable NFTs Distilled with Physical Perks

French cognac distillery, Hennessy, is creeping its way into the world crypto through the release of two NFTs. The single owner of the NFTs will have the privilege of experiencing cognac in an entirely new way, as they will have the privilege of choosing whether to enjoy the world’s most famous distilled wine in either digital or physical form.

The two Hennessy NFTs drop on spirits NFT platform BlockBar on January 12th, for a colossal price of 70.47 ETH ($226,450). Upon purchase, the buyer will receive two NFTs which represent physical and digital ownership of the first and last bottles (1 and 250) of Hennessy 8, a limited-edition expression from the cognac house. The NFTs also serve as a proof of authenticity, as well as the right to have the physical bottles delivered upon request.

Included with the physical bottles is a commemorative sculpture, a Baccarat-blown, an engraved carafe, a pipette, a cork holder, an Arid Levy-designed chest, 4 vintage tasting glasses, a personalized authentication plate, and a numbered certificate. The physical packages also come with a complimentary trip to the spectacular Hennessy estate in Cognac, France.

Alternatively, the owner can opt for the physical asset packages to remain in BlockBar’s safety vault. In doing so, they will have the option to trade the bottle’s digital tokens on the BlockBar marketplace, however, if at any point the physical package of a bottle is redeemed, its corresponding digital token will be burned, forever ceasing its ability to be traded.

In case you missed out on the drop, or understandably cannot afford it, you can still purchase a bottle of Hennessy 8 for a (still-hefty) price of $39,820.

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