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Timeless Ape Club: NFT collectibles for watch enthusiasts hits the blockchain

Among the many NFT collectibles hitting the blockchain, the Timeless Ape Club is truly distinctive. Overall, it brings Ape NFTs and luxury watches together under one roof. In addition, the project will provide watches worth $350,000 by opening every milestone in its roadmap.
Timeless Ape Club’s pre-sale starts live on February 3 at 13 UTC. If you aim to mint these very stylish apes with 0.07 ETH, be sure to be on the pre-sale white list. The general sale of this project is planned two days after the pre-sale, and the NFT will cost 0.1 ETH during the general sale.

Timeless Ape Club is a series which includes 8888 exclusive, algorithmically created Timeless Ape NFTs on the ETH blockchain. The project is a unique club that unites watch enthusiasts around the world, helping them to purchase, sell, and trade watches with other apes.

“Our main task is to connect the physical world and the virtual metaverse with our unique NFT series,” the project states on its website.
Timeless Ape Club not just provides the collectors the opportunity to chat with same minded people, but also allows them to enter the real-life events. This project also provides a number of other profits. For example, all owners of Timeless Apes are able to mint Baby Timeless Apes at no cost. Another advantage is the store that has tees, hoodie, and other limited edition goods. When the store goes live, all the profit enter the community wallet. A watch community in the metaverse is another interesting profit. Whereas, the feature of the project is the presentation of watches values $350,000.

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