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NEON Merges the Physical and Digital Worlds with NFT Vending Machine

For those wanting to know what the future has in store, then look no further than the Solana-based Neon Marketplace. In a bid to bring digital collectibles to the masses, they have installed an NFT vending machine in New York City.

During their research, NEON Recognized a number of onboarding difficulties for new members to the NFT space, such as negotiating cryptocurrencies, wallets and security. Therefore, they have repackaged the NFT purchasing experience to incorporate a more familiar transactional style. To this end, wanderers of New York City can now purchase their non-fungibles through a traditional style vending machine.

Users can therefore, make their purchases using a number of fiat-based payment options, including Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. For now, two collections, Party Pigeons and Project Color, are available through the initiative. Once purchased, the machine will deposit a box containing a QR code, which users can scan to redeem the collectible.

This consequently marks the start of NEONs digital and physical world blending venture. Going forward, they will  add further artists to the project and launch further machines around the USA. So, anyone drunkenly stumbling around New York at 4am with a hankering for some digitables, can now satisfy that insatiable urge.

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