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Funko Pop! Readies Launch of Transformers-Themed Collectibles

Purveyor of unusually proportioned collectibles, Funko Pop!, continues with its trademark bobble-headed madness. This time around in the shape of everyone’s favourite “robots in disguise”, the Transformers.

Arriving via the Wax blockchain at 11am PT on March 15, the Transformers Funko Pop! NFTs will come in a wide variety of designs and rarities, each emblazoned with a familiar animated character from the long running franchise. All available to buy, collect and trade through Funko’s affiliation with Wax and the Drop NFT management platform.

Packs come in two different sizes, each containing a selection of random Funko Pop! NFTs. As such, the “Standard Pack” retails at $9.99 and includes 5 Pops, while the “Premium Pack” comes in at $15.99 for 15 of the coveted collectibles. Furthermore, to make the collection more accessible, items are purchased using old school fiat money.

In addition to the NFT collectible, users have the opportunity to acquire an exclusive physical toy. Therefore, anyone in possession of a ‘Legendary’ of ‘Grail’ collectible during the redemption period, is eligible to receive the real life item. Furthermore, collectors of a full set of 1x common, 1x uncommon, 1x rare, and 1x epic will also qualify for a Funko-themed physical toy.

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