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Exclusive Interview with NBA Star Lamar Odom & His New NFT Project

Lamar Odom is a former Laker named the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year in 2011. Odom has an impressive career, and it seems he isn’t done yet. He recently announced he would be venturing into the world of NFTs with his new project “Lamar Odom’s Metaverse.” We had a chance to sit down with Odom and learn more about his exciting new project.

What is Lamar Odom’s Metaverse?

Lamar Odom’s Metaverse is a series of 7,777 NFTs available on OpenSea. Metaverse members receive several unique benefits such as exclusive pre-sale access to Lamar Odom’s NFT releases and other partner releases, digital and physical collectibles from Lamar’s original collection, free NBA tickets, chances to meet with players, and access to members-only events.

People who invite 40 members to Lamar Odom’s Metaverse receive the “MVP” status. MVPs get to show off their status in the project’s Discord, and the first 35 people to achieve this status receive a free NFT. The project aims to give back to the community by airdropping free NFTs to people who bought NFTs early on. Additionally, Lamar Odom’s Metaverse makes charitable donations to the Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation in honor of Kobe Bryant.

Currently, there’s no limit to how many Lamar Odom NFTs you’re allowed to buy, although that may change in the future. 

Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom Interview

How did you first become interested in NFTs?

I saw the NBA Top Shots NFTs and was amazed at how these moments get preserved and turn into something that people can collect. I started looking into NFTs and the whole metaverse idea and wanted to do something similar. That’s why I launched Lamar Odom’s Metaverse.

What attracted you to the Ethereum blockchain?

Ethereum is probably the most popular blockchain out there right now. I also plan to launch a social space on platforms like Decentraland and Sandbox for sports fans to enjoy.

What types of things will people be able to do in your metaverse environment?

I want to build a sustainable community not only for sports fans but for everyone to hang out. My NFT holders can enjoy unlimited access to the events hosted in the social spaces. There will be virtual events like basketball games, shows, concerts. There will also be digital and physical collectibles from Lamar’s original collection and some of the world’s most famous IPs. 

Can you elaborate on the charitable aspect of this project? What inspired you to support the Mamba and Mambacita Foundation with your NFT sales?

Kobe meant the world to me. He taught me valuable lessons both on and off the court; he is a constant reminder for me to keep going every day. I still miss him every day. 

I want to honor Kobe and continue what he was doing in supporting underserved athletes and creating an impact by donating part of the proceeds from this project to his foundation. I think this is what everyone would love to see as well. 

We see that you’ll be doing a lot of NFT giveaways. Can you tell us more about how people can qualify for these free NFTs?

Yes we are doing a lot of giveaways for the early supporters of this project. There are various ways to win the giveaway, the best way to know about this is join our discord server. My team posts all giveaways on Twitter and Discord.

We have a whitelist to ensure early supporters can get a guaranteed spot to mint. You can win a whitelist spot by participating in some of our giveaways events or by being active in the Discord server. I know some projects out there that require members to spend a lot of time working for a whitelist. I don’t want to do that, go out and enjoy life, play some sports, or spend time with your family. Most of our giveaway tasks and Discord ranks are easy to achieve. 

Why is it essential for athletes to embrace NFTs?

Well, I think it’s important if you have a story to tell and really want to make an impact on your project. Anyone can create an NFT, but the value and meaning behind it are what matter the most. 

Your NFTs seem to be influenced by anime. Are you an anime fan? If so, what is your favorite anime and why?

I didn’t realize it looks like anime but I guess that’s a compliment? I know there is a lot of interesting anime out there but I never had a chance to watch them. Any suggestions? Maybe I will take a look and embrace them into my next drop. 

Can you tell us more about your NFTs’ attributes and their rarities?

So my team and I came up with all the ideas and attributes for the LM collection, which is the first drop. We want to create something fun with a cartoon-like collection. There are a total of 7,777 LM NFTs available and 7 of them will come with my signature. I did not pick out which one to sign, they will be randomly generated in the initial sale.

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