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Larva Labs Trail of Breadcrumbs Sparks Meebits Treasure Hunt

Over a period of ten months a single Meebits NFT sat idly by, waiting for the finest codebreakers on the blockchain to discover its secrets. That is, until crypto investigators followed a trail of binary breadcrumbs to release it from its digital prison.

The epic saga began with the ‘grails drop,’ 20 unique creations by 20 anonymous artists. During the big reveal, collectors learned that item #11 was in fact a prototype of Larva Labs’ seminal AutoGlyphs collection. Then, during an open Discord discussion, user ‘Iceman’ drew attention to a curious set of symbols sitting astride the artwork.

Following this lead, crypto sleuth Andrew Badr, got to work, quickly ascertaining that the symbols represented binary code. Once deciphered, a cryptic message revealed itself: “SECRET IS IN THE PIG NUMBERS-LL”. From that moment, he realized he was onto something.

Assuming he was not the only one on this scavenger hunt, Andrew recruited a group of friends to help crack the next code. Naturally, it was safe to say the hog reference meant the pig avatars in the Meebits collection. However, a search for any meaning in the edition numbers proved fruitless.

Following this stumbling block, the team soon discovered another set of promising digits within the collection. Adorning 64 of the swine avatars, they found 64 jerseys containing the information they were looking for. Decoding these numbers led the team of cyber sleuths to their final prize, unlocking an Ethereum wallet containing Meebit #2858 and 0.025 in ETH, presumably to cover gas fees.

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