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All Eyes on AMC and Orange Comet for Grisly Walker Access Pass Reveal

Gruesome rumblings are once more afoot in the darkest corner of the blockchain. Powerhouse company Orange Comet, along with AMC, are ready for the gory Walking Dead reveal. Therefore, owners of the highly coveted ‘Walker Access Pass’ will soon learn the true value of their spine-chilling assets as the terrifying contents of their repugnant purchase will finally grace the NFT realm.

Earlier in March, Orange Comet launched 5,000 spine-tingling NFTs of supreme repulsiveness, selling out almost immediately as fans clamoured ominously to get in on the action. Since then, however, each access pass has remained identical, as an animation revolves around its potential incarnations.

This is all about to change however, as Orange Comet spins the wheel of revelation, bringing its vast army of token holders face to face with the hideous walking corpses lurking in their digital wallets. So, with great trepidation, tinged with a soupçon of fear, and a morose sense of curiosity, the legions of the undead will emerge from their digital cells and take their rightful place on the macabre blockchain. On March 18, all will change as the hollow-eyed servants of death once again take centre stage.

The Walking Dead AMC Orange Comet NFT

Blood Curdling Scarcity

As the undead shake off their unearthly bonds, they will emerge from the depths in ten unique designs, featuring five levels of scarcity, each representing the worst the Walking Dead universe has to offer. Mighty corpses with the power to take down the human race through a ferocious barrage of relentless destruction.

Uncommon – Making up 75% of the collection, these decrepit beings come in five different designs, offering up such twisted monstrosities as Pantry Walker, Well Walker, Riot Gear Walker, Gasmask Walker, and Charred Walker. All in equal numbers, and with equally horrendous stylings.

Rare – This singular horror will make up 11% of the numbers with a demeanor to terrify even the most battle-hardened warriors, featuring the ever-resilient Scavenger Walker, owners will do well not to stray too close, or it may spell the end as they know it.

Super Rare – The first ever on-screen animated dead in the series, ‘Bicycle Girl’ will inhabit 8% of wallets. This mindless, torso-less creation is set to churn stomachs at the mere sight of its morose countenance.

Epic – Then comes the most infamous of undead creatures, the product of nightmares ever since it first appeared in the Walking Dead universe. The furious, unstoppable might that is ‘Winslow’ shores up the collection, with only 5% of collectors receiving either the jet black ‘Onyx’ or the cold ethereal ‘Ice’ editions.

Legendary – Right at the top, set to grace only the luckiest of all undead loving, rambling corpse adoring collectors, is the legendary Gold Winslow. Coming in as what is considered a ‘unicorn’ in Walking Dead stakes, this gold-plated collectible of pure ferocity makes up only 1% of all assets, with just 50 of these formidable warriors in existence.

The Walking Dead AMC Orange Comet NFT

So, load up on your Walking Dead-themed carnivorous collectibles, sit back, and watch with morbid fascination as the contents are revealed. March 18 truly marks the Day of the Dead, where evil emerges and fear is the currency of the blockchain.

A Lifetime of Grisly Utility

The Walker Access Pass is more than just a repugnant image, owners will gain access to a vast pool of gut churning perks. As far as utility is concerned, all passes are made equal. Therefore, holders will be eligible to participate in five exclusive drops over the next 12 months, in addition to getting a one hour jump on the competition in all public drops.

The horrid perks don’t end there however, as a number of real-life opportunities await their masters, including amazing Walking Dead experiences, as well as exclusive content and amazing merchandise. Rounding it all off, each pass will provide early access to the exceptionally macabre Walking Dead Metaverse, set to stain the virtual world with the blood of its victims at the tail end of 2022.

As the Walking Dead freight train rumbles towards its monumental conclusion, fans and collectors alike look to the blockchain for a monstrous keepsake. A hideous memento of their horrid journey of survival in a world where danger lurks in every corner.

So, what better then, than a grisly representation of the murderous dead, all rendered in meticulous high resolution, down to the torn flesh and ungazing eyes. Now marks the last chance to acquire that disgusting piece of cannibalistic NFT history before the big reveal. Remember, NFTs of this calibre may never darken the blockchain ever again.

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