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Hot Wheels Returns for Second Installment of NFT Garage

Fresh off the success of its series one collection, purveyor of die cast nostalgia, Hot Wheels, is back for a second instalment of its vehicular NFT enterprise. This time around, showcasing the best machines that General Motors and Honda have to offer.

The latest collection features a host of brand-new spectacular machines all rendered with animated 3D precision and each resembling the classic Hot Wheels packaging we all know and love. Just as before, each vehicle comes in a variety of incredible rarities, while the premium and NFTH tiers will allow owners to claim a genuine vIRL die cast model of the incredible car.

All in all, 184,250 NFTs are available, arriving via the energy efficient WAX blockchain at 1pm ET on March 31. Users can then purchase their magnificent machines in packs of seven via credit card for a flat price of $25. Once purchased, Hot Wheels will enable the unboxing of the assets from 4pm ET on the same day. Then afterwards, owners can trade them to their heart’s content on any WAX-enabled secondary market.

To get involved, collectors must first familiarize themselves with the WAX wallet and its interface. Then they can get collecting that highly nostalgic Hot Wheels memorabilia, and reminisce on that epic childhood. 

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