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CyberKongz Go On-Chain with First Ever NFT-Bound Token

Ever-present 8-bit apes, the CyberKongz, have launched a revolutionary upgrade to their 5,000 strong collection. Each design now lives fully on-chain in the shape of the first ever NFT-bound token in existence.

A little over a year ago, a set of pixelated primates descended on the blockchain in a lesson on how to launch an NFT project. The CyberKongz offered genuine exclusivity, originality, and that often-overlooked quality, ingenuity. For sure, much must be said for an NFT collection that commands a 63 ETH ($218k) floor, while keeping a relatively low profile.

So, in the spirit of invention, the CyberKongz have taken their collection that one step further. Back on March 26, owners of the genesis Kongz, as well as the baby Kongz may have noticed an additional token appear in their wallet. This exceptional addition contains the CyberKongz DNA, a fully on-chain replica of the original NFT.

The new addition will therefore maintain the CyberKongz designs until the end of time, while providing continual proof of concept and ownership in perpetuity. Each on-chain Kong remains gasless, and non-user transferable, forever attaching itself to the original item. Therefore, remaining NFT-bound to its official counterpart, going where it goes, decentralized and trustless until the eventual collapse of humanity.

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