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bitsCrunch Partners with Mastercard for Secure Fiat-Based NFT Trading

NFT validation platform, bitsCrunch, has partnered with worldwide payments service, Mastercard, setting the stage for increased security when purchasing NFTs through fiat-based trading systems.

Through the collaboration, bitsCrunch will participate in the Master Start Path program. An award-winning intuitive initiative to help later stage start-ups gain a global audience. As a result, providing cutting-edge solutions to the tech-heavy problems within the Web3 world, while additionally enabling non-crypto native individuals to enter the realm of the blockchain.

Self-styled guardian of the NFT ecosystem, bitsCrunch will use its arsenal of fine-tuned security tools to ensure plain sailing for those new to NFTs. It’s calling on Unleash NFTs, Scour, Liquify and Crunch DaVinci to help facilitate informed trading decisions for its members, which will allow for greater confidence in the industry as a whole.

Utilizing its fine array of excellent applications bitsCrunch aims to provide security to the NFT sphere. It plans to achieve this through the ability to identify wash trading, recognize scams and calculating the true value of assets. Taking away many of the pitfalls and concerns surrounding NFTs as a consequence, and enabling a greater degree of adoption from the mainstream audience.

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