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Join the Denizen NFTs on Their Non-Fungible Mission to Mars

Way off in the year 2100, a collaboration of man and beasts has resulted in 9,999 of earth’s ‘denizens’ blasting off to Mars. Their grand mission, to terraform and populate the red planet to create a brand-new cosmic utopia. An ambitious undertaking with only one drawback, the space-faring expedition suffered infiltration by a cadre of mischievous aliens. A wild and crafty group of schemers, hell bent of sabotaging the mission and putting an end to this earthling endeavour.

As such, Denizen will represent the best that earth has to offer, as well as the most despicable of alien-kind. A fine collection of interactive designer toys, and the next great hope for the non-fungible universe, where membership will mark entry to a whole ecosystem of Web3 joy. In addition to giving collectors a unique status within the ever-expanding metaverse.

Denizen NFT Mars Nonfungible Token Collection

A Raft of Space Faring NFTs

The Denizen collection is made up of 9,999 spacesuit clad humans, beasts and aliens, all rendered in glorious hi-res 3D animated brilliance. Each one is algorithmically generated from hundreds of individual components to make up a single beautifully interactive model. Within Denizen, collectors will find a menagerie of fantastic creatures, including humans, aliens, apes, fish and cats. All adorned by a selection of fabulous outfits and accessories.

This initial genesis collection of space faring non-fungibles will arrive via a blind drop, with images and rarity levels arriving at a later date. To ensure the validity of the grand reveal however, Denizens will utilize Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function (VRF), thereby providing provably random attributes verifiable on-chain.

Currently, the Denizen launch date is a closely guarded secret. However, those with a desire to know can keep tabs on the project’s socials for up-to-the-minute information. When they do arrive, whitelist members will mint for 0.08, closely followed by a public mint for just 0.1 ETH apiece.

100% Money Back Guarantee

So confident are the team in their space faring mission, that following the grand reveal, they will allow anyone to return their collectible in exchange for a full refund, no questions asked. A grand plan that will allow relatively risk-free collecting and result in a stable floor price while the collection gains traction.

Denizen NFT Mars Nonfungible Token Collection

The Future of the Denizens

Owners of their very own Denizen will gain access to the highly exclusive project metaverse. A wonderful environment for members to congregate, display their collectibles and socialize. While further down the road, the team has lined up a number of exciting partnerships with brand names, artists and designers. All resulting in a future of incredible new designs and promotional material for the Denizens universe. However, if that isn’t enough, a wide range of Denizen merchandise will hit the shelves further down the line.

So, which faction will emerge victorious? Will earth’s finest defeat the alien threat? Or, will the extra-terrestrial scourge flatten all that come before it? Right now it’s anyone’s guess!

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