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The Holy Ones – A Hallowed and Diverse Member of the Web3 Ecosystem

Introducing The Holy Ones, a gaming and NFT ecosystem which aims to serve as the next generation of wager 2 gaming. From traditional casino games to a skill games model that supports crypto wagering, the project’s team, which has over 25 years of experience in online gaming and blockchain initiatives, seeks to create a community driven DAO for the cultivation of new games which have an enhanced level of user experience. 

The project is embodied by the concept of ‘holiness’ and the human-figurative depictions. In the words of the project itself, The Holy Ones community welcomes all those who preach ‘cryptoism,’ push for diversity and unity, and are advocates of degen culture.

The Collection

The Holy Ones NFT collection aptly consists of 6,666 Holy Beings which depict animated portraits of traditional holy figures in creative, outlandish and provocatively customised unique ways.

100% of the profits from the collection will go to the Holy DAO Treasury, where Holy Beings NFT holders control the treasury as they decide which avenues of the metaverse, gaming, or NFTs, it should invest in. Having membership to the DAO will also grant access to Holy-owner-only forums where The Holy Ones project decisions are discussed and voted on as a community.

Other Perks 

In addition to the DAO membership perks that come explicitly through the ownership of a Holy Beings NFT, there are ample more benefits that are on offer to The Holy Ones community. 

NFT holders will receive 20% of all royalties generated from current and future The Holy Ones branded games and projects such as The Aquarium game in Decentraland. Holders were recently airdropped Decentraland metaverse-ready avatars, and will also be invited to virtual and IRL events and parties, as well as receive exclusive access to Holy Dripz physical merch collections and to all future presales, whitelists, and airdrops.

Everything built from The Holy Ones NFT art, to the games the project develops, is done in-house by metaverse design studio Meta Skins.


Q1 of 2022 saw the development of metaverse and dApp-related endeavors, as well as the launch of the game Rock Paper Scissors, which’ll host a World Series tournament in Q2.

Q2 will see the development of ‘The Holy Ones Temple of Games’ in Decentraland, ‘Holy RockemSockem,’ and further metaverse and dApp developments.

The royalty system derived from existing Holy Ones games will begin when 100% of The Holy Ones are sold, with many more exciting dApp and metaverse games on the horizon.


The Holy Ones team is on a bullish quest to build out Web3 gaming and have its community and owners reap the benefits. Collectively, the 14-member doxxed team of ‘Smart Contracts Gods’ to ‘Holy Strategics’ own a fair amount of metaverse land, which will help facilitate the launch and playing of The Holy Ones games.

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