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Charles Moscoe aka Beanie Returns to Twitter Amidst Latest Allegations

Charles Moscoe, the man allegedly behind the Beanie Twitter persona, is back on Twitter after a few days away. Beanie first withdrew from Twitter in the face of scamming allegations that came as a result of an explosive Twitter thread apparently revealing his identity and history. Now, in the face of even more allegations against him, Moscoe/Beanie is breaking his silence to defend himself.

Charles Moscoe aka Beanie profile on Punks Comics
Yet another mega-thread has come out claiming to expose Charles Moscoe. Credit: @ProbablyShady via Twitter

Beanie Twitter account ends a weeklong radio silence

This major drama surrounding Beanie first began last week. On Jan 17th, Twitter user @NFTEthics released a mega-thread of evidence allegedly connecting Beanie to a long history of scamming. In fact, it was that same thread that revealed Beanie’s identity. Indeed, according to @NFTEthics, Beanie is a man named Charles Moscoe, with a history of scams stretching back to the early 2000s.

Needless to say, the thread rocked NFT Twitter, with memes, responses, and takes flying around for days. However, Charles Moscoe/Beanie was notably absent from Twitter following the claims against him.

As a matter of fact, other than a few uncharacteristic tweets expressing that he was hurt by the claims, the Beanie account went quiet after Jan. 18th. This is in stark contrast to his usual activity, which has long involved picking fights with others on Twitter. But now, in the face of a brand new Medium article/Twitter thread, Charles Moscoe/Beanie has returned to Twitter to dismiss the latest claims.


Tweet about Charles Moscoe


The anonymous author alleges that Charles Moscoe’s pattern of running things from the shadows is continuing on some high-profile NFT projects. Credit: @ProbablyShady via Twitter

Medium Article claims that Charles Moscoe lied about his role in a number of high-profile NFT projects

A newly-made, anonymous Twitter account @ProbablyShady is behind the latest claims. While the NFT Ethics thread focused on building a pattern of bad actions by Charles Moscoe, Probably Shady uses a number of blockchain transactions as the backbone of their claims.

In short, Probably Shady is using various payments that Beanie received as proof that he had a much larger role in a few projects than he was letting on. Of course, this ties directly to a pattern that NFT Ethics proposed. One in which Charles Moscoe apparently hides behind proxies to execute scams while running things in the background.

Probably Shady even goes as far as to say that Beanie is the founder of a few projects. Ones that he has shilled in the past and claimed to be an investor in. Most notably Pixel Vault, which owns the Punks Comic collection of NFTs.

Many on Twitter focused on that part of the claim. Due to the huge success of Pixel Vault and Punks Comic most likely. By the same token, people had questions for the public CEO of Pixel Vault, who goes by GFunk. For his part GFunk tweeted the following:

I am unequivocally the CEO of @pixelvaul. This is not open for interpretation. Ask any one of our amazing team members (30 in total) and they will speak to not only my role in the business, but my tremendous passion and care for the community, the team, and this company.”

Beanie aka Charles Moscoe tweets a response


Beanie’s only public defense so far has been that failed projects do not make him a scammer. Credit: @beaniemaxi via Twitter

Charles Moscoe/Beanie takes to Twitter, talks of “pending litigation against the person defaming me”

It seems to be the claims against GFunk and Pixel Vault in particular that prompted Charles Moscoe/Beanie to return to Twitter. As shown in the above Tweet, he maintains that he acted as an investor and advisor to many projects. But not in the shadow-founder role that he has been accused of holding.

All in all, nobody can say with 100% certainty to what extent the allegations are true. Without a doubt, there is a lot of what could be convincing evidence against Charles Moscoe. By the same token, that Beanie has been mostly silent since the claims became public doesn’t make him look particularly innocent. At least not in the court of public opinion.

While this may be true, Beanie himself says this is due to how he is handling the situation. To that end, he notes in a few of his recent Tweets that he is planning to sue some of his accusers for defamation. Of course, he blames those upcoming lawsuits for why he is not speaking out more about the claims. Only time will tell exactly where the truth lies.


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