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Unfortunately, BAYC Mobile Game Reviews are Not as Positive as Expected

The highly anticipated 7-day BAYC Mobile Game “Apes vs. Mutants” competition is on its second day and the reviews are in! Unfortunately, it is not as positive as expected. Some users have major issues with the gameplay and mechanics.

This is a major letdown because the game, along with the upcoming animated series, is a major milestone of the iconic BAYC project this 2022. Moreover, the team had to overcome a major hurdle just to launch this project, so the excitement in the community is off the roof. Last December 2021, the team pushed back the launch date because Apple took down the game from the iOS store without citing any reason. Dramatically, they figured out a way to launch it.

BAYC Mobile Game Reviews
BAYC NFT holders are divided over the franchise’s highly anticipated iOs game. Credit: Twitter (@BoredApeYC)

Both Sides: BAYC Mobile Game Reviews

@NFTSasha, a BAYC holder and one of the creators of @bizarrosnft, shared his frustrations over the game to his over 8700 followers on Twitter. He thinks that the game lacks competitive angles and all levels are identical. Moreover, the gameplay award points for completion instead of skill. So the players who will dominate are “just whoever sleeps the least and account shares the most.” He firmly believes that the game design breaks all rules of competitive gaming.

Basically, the BAYC game is a virtual battle between the ‘Apes’ and ‘Mutants.’ Moreover, each character has many different powers and weapons. In order to win the game, players have to fight among other participants and pass all the levels successfully.

@NFTSasha also pointed out that the current set-up where the stamina max out is set at 50 for every 2 hours is a major health hazard. He accused the game of incentivizing players with prizes to mess up their sleep schedules and commit 20-30min to the game every 2 hours. He has requested the team to emergency-update the game to have stamina max out at 300 every 10 hours.

Other BAYC holders are not on onboard with @NFTSasha’s issues. @BlueBadger2000 defended the project by arguing that the endurance component of the game is actually the point of the contest.

More about the Mechanics

In the gameplay, the team gave both branches of the franchise equal treatment. That’s why there are separate games for BAYC and MAYC holders.

So what exactly will the players duel for in this 7-day mobile competition? The BAYC game competition will give away the following to Top 500 scorers:

– 1st place: a real car
– Top 50 scorers: Bronze Statute of apes
– Next 100 scorers: BAYC customized Bong
– Top 250 category: Club’s customized Hats
– Top 500 category: Plush Toy


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