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Serena Williams joined the board of European football NFT company

One of the biggest tennis stars, Serena Williams, has joined the board of the European football NFT company, SoRare. The company has made moves in the NFT football world, and Serena is, definitely, one of the most famous names not only in tennis but also in sports. Her knowledge of sports will be completely very useful for the present board and, she will be a wonderful addition.

Serena Williams is not only one of the ever renowned iconic athletes, but also a very successful entrepreneur. Her addition to the SoRare group as a board consultant clearly shows that she is more than only a sports star.

Via her new role, Serena will guide the present board on a wide range of issues. Her relationships with many athletes will be useful for developing SoRare collaborations. She advises SoRare on their appearance to branch out into other sports, like women’s sports as well. Her targets are to keep Web3 more unique and diverse.
SoRare has also advertised their job opportunities in Paris and New York, asking people to check out if they are excited about what the company is creating with Serena.

Presently, in the last part of her tennis career, she has been a popular name in the business world. And presently NFTs, because she owns a Cryptopunk and BAYC.

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