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Ali Sabet, the Iranian-American top-selling NFT artist

Ali Sabet who is also known as crypto artist is an Iranian-American painter, crypto artist, strategist designer based in the US.

He is a professional designer,he has worked for one of the top advertising agencies, Foote, Cone & Belding (FCB) as an art director.
Since he is a capable person, Ali run his own branding agency which is called Sabet Brands. He has designed logos and packaging of over 350 fabulous brands like BMW Company, Mercedes Benz and so many world-known brands.

He has been painting and learning how to paint specific things. Along painting he had changed his styles and used different materials to find his favorite ones. He has been painting angst and anxiety to love and gratitude in his artwork.

One of his amazing experiences is Pixopop Brand which has been started more than 20 years as an academy; Ali has taught children painting and they paint side by side of their parents; he has live sessions with them. During the pandemic, he designed and made beautiful and colorful masks to make people feel happier when they wear them.

In 2018 Ali entered the world of NFTs and now he is ranked as one of the top-selling artists in NFT space. In an interview he said that he has been working on some large paintings for a few collectors. He also designed the first hypercar vehicle to be auctioned in NFT. He believes that NFT can open a new way For Artist to share their work and those are called collectors to invest on these digital artworks. He also recommended people buying digital art that they love instead of just collecting for investment.

As an artist in NFT space he gave some advice to people to dive into it , like joining Clubhouse and discord to find out what is going on and to connect with collectors directly.

He added people can create anything that they love because in the world of NFT maybe there is an audience to discover your art because there is always a huge of audience for an NFT artist to show and launch their artwork. Ed

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