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Crypto Chicks’ Discord has been Compromised

The initial all-Women PFP series, Crypto Chicks, told its growing community which its Discord server has been compromised. Unluckily, some NFT holders have already fallen prey to scams. The group is presently searching to fix the matter and evaluate the loss.

Crypto Chicks is a thriving NFT project with a floor price of 2 ETH ($5226) and a trade volume with more than 7700 ETH ($20 million). Therefore, it is crucial for them to fix this violation immediately and stop same issues.
Crypto Chicks stated that they, however, have complete governance over their Discord server. The group is taking additional precautions and analyzing the main cause.

According to preliminary results of their investigation, a manager’s account was compromised, which led to the announcement of an “amazing mint”. Early signs are that this was a transfer scam in which people who connected their wallets to a fake mint link were allowed to transfer ETH or an NFT. The scammers managed to steal Crypto Chicks and an @alienfrens NFT.
The team has assured to release more information as soon as they receive new updates. If you clicked the link and minted NFTs, be sure to open your Metamask and click on “Connected Sites”. After that, you should disconnect from any website you have accessed to as soon as possible.

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