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The first NFT museum in the world has opened its doors

The first NFT museum in the world has opened its doors. A museum in Seattle, Washington, has opened as the world’s first National Gallery of Modern Art museum. The most noteworthy aspect of this museum, which has a total floor space of 300 square meters, is that it is not accessible online.

This museum, which focuses on a developing technology, has many of the same qualities as other ordinary institutions. The museum’s interior is similar of a standard white room, with artworks shown on extremely high resolution screens on the museum’s walls.

The museum’s purpose includes the expansion and development of knowledge about NFTs. The artwork gives visitors with information on the art of blockchain, and museum officials are there to answer any questions they may have. NFT is a digital asset that has been validated using blockchain technology in this case.

Following the sale of Beeple’s artwork at Christie’s for $ 69 million, NFTs have seen significant growth and development over the previous year. As the museum points out, the history of the NFT’s work is far longer than previously understood, one of the NFT’s earliest works is a piece by Kevin McCoy that dates back to 2014 . McCoy also sold an NFT artwork at a Sotheby’s auction in June for $ 1.4 million, which was another record for the artist. For the debut show, the museum collaborates with Aaron Bird, a collector of NFT works.

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