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The Block offers a lucky applicant to their research post 1 Ethereum

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Larry Cermak, vice president of research at The Block Research, showed us an exciting way to employ candidates. To clarify, Cermak published an employment test for its six vacancies. In addition, he is providing 1 ETH to the initial candidate who score over 90%.
Nevertheless, no one has yet could reach the 90% mark. Presently, the maximum score is 86%. It should be noted that he does not pay ETH to people who take the exam for fun. Besides, this test is not open to the public. Accordingly, interested candidates must first apply through the job portal. Screening is then performed and ultimately, the team give tests to the eager candidates.

The Block is a crypt analysis company which produces research and analytical articles on daily matters. Presently, the company is employing research analysts and data analysts. Vastly, the located in NY City, though some are remote locations.

Significantly, this is an excellent marketing strategy by Cermak for posting about the test and award- winning because it will definitely increase access to the job listing. Thus, the company will be suitable for the position.

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