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F1 Delta Time Launch Compensation Plan Amid Its Sudden Shut Down

Amid the expiration of its official F1 Motorsport licensing agreement, and after three years of action-packed, octane-fuelled gameplay, blockchain game F1 Delta Time have announced the ceasing of its operations.

Despite the news intuitively causing anguish across the game’s community, it’s not all doom and gloom for players and asset holders, as the expiring game has taken extensive measures to ensure that all loyal and supportive members will not only be appropriately compensated, but also aided in their transition into the wider, play-to-earn, REVV Motorsport ecosystem.

Through being onboarded into the open REVV ecosystem, F1 Delta Time asset owners will receive assets such as REVV Racing ‘Replacement Cars’ which’ll be equivalent to rarity and power of their F1 Delta Time cars, ‘Race Passes’ which grant access to future NFT mints, airdrops, and staking (just in time for the upcoming 20 million REVV pool), Track Vouchers, and more. 

All other F1 Delta Time assets which have not been allocated a direct REVV Motorsport replacement can be swapped for Proxy Assets, which can then be used in the future to obtain NFTs for products across the ecosystem.

Although mass disappointment is of course the main ingredient in this unfortunate saga, there is no denying that, at the very least, there is a small silver-lining portion in the mix too, as now, such motor sport enthusiasts can look forward to enjoying the array of alternative games that are available throughout the broader REVV Motorsport ecosystem, such as MotoGP Ignition, Formula E: High Voltage, REVV Racing, and Torque Drift.

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