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Rarible Incorporates Polygon NFTs and Multi-Wallet Support

Mighty NFT trading platform, Rarible, has upped its non-fungible game by bringing the Polygon Network into the fold, as well as launching multi-wallet support on its trailblazing marketplace.

To tackle the ever-increasing demands facing the NFT industry, Rarible has integrated layer 2 powerhouse, Polygon, into its platform. Therefore, bringing its streamlined, energy efficient, low-cost scaling solution to its army of NFT enthusiasts. Following the upgrade, users can create, send and trade NFTs right from the Rarible dashboard.

As a result, the upgrade takes Rarible’s chain tally up to four, making it one of the most versatile marketplaces in the space. Initially built on Ethereum, the platform expanded its digital horizons last November to include the Flow blockchain. Then two months later, built in accessibility for assets built on the Tezos network. Next on the cards, Rarible will look to complete a royal flush by integrating with the world’s second busiest blockchain, Solana.

As well as its blockchain support, Rarible has also upgraded its wallet connectivity. Going forward, users can connect up to 20 different wallets simultaneously, removing the requirement to sign in every time a user opts to interact with assets stored in an alternative location.

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