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Gibson Guitars File Trademark Application in Anticipation of NFT Launch

Guitar manufacturing giant Gibson has filed for a patent which covers the ‘uniquely shaped body’ of several of its most infamous electric guitar models. Upon acquisition, the trademarks will reportedly be infused into the launch of the company’s inaugural ‘multimedia file’ NFT collection.

The filing, which was made to the U.S. Patent and Trademark office on January 14th, saw the Nashville-based company apply for trademark registrations over the body shapes of its Les Paul, Flying V, SG, Explorer, and Thunderbird models, as well as either the ES-330 or ES-335 model. 

In regards to the utility of the trademark once acquired, the filing went on to state that the company intends for it to cover the categories of downloadable multimedia files containing ‘artwork, text, audio, and video relating to music and entertainment authenticated by NFTs’. 

As of now, there is no more information regarding the launch or attributes of the proposed Gibson NFT collection beyond the scant information included in the trademark filings. That being said, there are still ample avenues for guitar enthusiasts to get their NFT-infused kicks from, as ESP Guitars launched an NFT project in 2021, Keith Richards is set to auction a guitar-inspired NFT, and the son of the late John Lennon is auctioning multiple NFTs associated with his father’s Gibson guitars.

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