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Opulous say Lil Yachty allowed them to use his name

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Opulous expressed a short statement in response to Lil Yachty’s complaint, saying:
“Contrary to what was stated in the complaint filed by Lil Yatchy, Opulous’s used of Yatchy’s name and resemblance was all permitted by Lil and his agents. We are going to strongly defend ourselves against these worthy claims.

To start, Opulous is a blockchain-based music platform founded by CEO of Ditto Music. In June of the previous year, the music company announced in a press release that it was working with Bainance to create and sell “exclusive NFTs” by artists like Lil Yachty and Kyle.

The previous week, Lil Yachty arranged a case declaring that Opulous deliberately used Lil Yatchy’s image without permission. The lawsuit stated that MBW released articles about “exclusive NFTs”. As reported by articles, the founder of Opulous could fund on the attention and increase $6.5 million in venture capital.
On the contrary, the company states that Lil Yachty allowed Opulous to create exclusive NFTs called Lil Yachty.
In addition, as reported by the company, all allegations were baseless.

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