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Zuckerberg’s Sister Drops “Twisted Sister” NFT Hit Song

Mark Zuckerberg’s sibling, Randi has stepped in to add excitement to NFT Twitter with a rather odd rendition of Twisted Sister’s, rebellious anthem, “We’re not gonna take it”.

In an idea that can only have spawned from a drunken night at karaoke, Zuckerberg parades through the video oblivious to its ironic undertones, gesticulating wildly, while the multi-millionaire belts out the words “We’re all gonna make it”. Indeed, a provocative play on the original song title.

Famous for having a controversial brother, Randi’s attempt to connect with the NFT community has resulted in widespread disbelief as she prances through the presumably self-financed video, wearing a jacket emblazoned with an “NFT” motif while churning out NFT-related tropes in lieu of the original lyrics.

The video represents a collage of quick special effects and accentuated maniacal grinning. All the while, surgically removing all the energy and power from the original rock anthem and replacing it with what the community believes is a level of cringe-worthiness not seen since 2002 when a gaggle of egotistical celebrities recorded an unfortunate cover of John Lennon’s Imagine.

Following its release into the Twitter void, the video has been met with almost universal bewilderment and many puzzled individuals staring in disbelief while mouthing the single syllable word, “Why?”.

We suggest you listen to the original song in all its Twisted Sister glory:

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