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LimeWire Rises from the Ashes to Rebrand as an NFT Marketplace

The wild and unpredictable world of NFTs continues with its trend of resurrecting the dead. This time around, dragging notorious pirating site, LimeWire, up from the pit to which it was condemned.

Heading to the blockchain this May, the former peer-to-peer file sharing and virus distribution platform will rebrand itself as an NFT marketplace. Wherein, it will initially circulate music-themed tokens coupled with fine art and video media, while presumably, the occasional virus and lewd movie will show up in lieu of the files you were expecting.

For the moment, details are a little thin on the ground. Except, that following the initial music-focused release, LimeWire will move to a more entertainment driven platform. According to sources, ten ‘prominent artists’ have already signed up to the project which will offer additional support to its users through the distribution of the native $LMWR utility token.

LimeWire rose to prominence in the early 2000’s, serving an early generation of digital pirates with their ill-gotten media files. Not without its pitfalls however, veterans who now gaze upon the familiar logo suffer flashbacks that inspire nostalgia and fear in equal measure.

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