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Winamp Resurfaces with Charity-Driven NFT Sale of its Original Skin

Continuing an apparent trend of resurrecting cherished projects from the late 90s, much loved media player, Winamp, will return to the public consciousness, tugging at the heartstrings of many a millennial, by re-emerging as an NFT skin.

Heavy with nostalgia, the prized asset will arrive via public auction on OpenSea from May 16 to 22. As a result, fans of the ‘greatest music player of all time’ can bid for the rights to copy, reproduce and display the image to their hearts content. All the while, safe in the knowledge the funds will go to the Winamp Foundation. A non-profit charity that will distribute the well gotten gains to a number of worthy music-related causes.

Following the auction, Winamp will additionally conduct a sale of 1,997 derivative designs based on the skin, relating directly to the year it was launched. All in all, 20 artworks will make the grade, sold in 19 batches of 100, and one batch of 97, all retailing at a flat 0.08 ETH each. Anyone looking to take part can submit their artworks via the Winamp website. Successful applicants will receive 20% of the sale price.

A quick scan of OpenSea however, reveals that a number of fake projects have already surfaced. So, beware of those unscrupulous individuals who look to hoodwink innocent collectors around the globe.

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